Four veggies - Tomato, Onion, Lettuce and Eggplant - want to get as high as possible!

Try to outrace your opponents by jumping up faster in versus mode, or try to achieve a team highscore in coop mode. If you have no friends, you can also enjoy the game in single-player mode!

This game is freeware - copy it to all your friends and play it at every C64 gaming party!

However, if you enjoy playing it, you are very welcome to donate or buy me a beer if you meet me somewhere in real-life ;-)



Note: This is a game for the Commodore C64 home computer. If you have no such machine or if you have no possibility to transfer .PRG or .D64 files to a real C64, you can use an Emulator to play it on your PC/Mac, Raspberry Pi, TheC64 Mini/Maxi or similar. Read our article How to play our Commodore 64 games for more information.

You can choose between .PRG and .D64 format: